ACIS Inspection provides product shipment inspection services for buyers purchasing items from within China. Our qualified inspection personnel will take any available samples and/or product related requirements, and inspect shipments thoroughly before they depart China.

We offer product testing and quality verification and report our findings so that you can make the decision to have the shipment sent or returned to the manufacturer.

We know how stressful it can be to worry whether the items you purchased will be of the quality and design you want them to be. Our inspection personnel have years of experience and can give you a quality inspection of the products you have purchased before they leave China.

Some of the various inspection options available to you are listed below. You can choose which options you would like to have completed or not.

1. Quantity
2. Master Carton Markings
3. Master Carton Weight & Dimension
4. Master Carton Content Verification
5. Product Packaging Comparison
6. Packaged Product Weight
7. Packaging Dimension
8. Product Packaging/ Remailer Description
9. Sample/ Product Comparison
10. Workmanship
11. Product Functional Verification
12. Master Carton Transportation Drop Test
13. Packaged Product Transportation Drop Test
14. Instruction Sheet/ Booklet