China Inspection Services - Charge

The inspection charge is quoted on a man-day basis. The number of man-days involved depends on the product complexity, shipment quantity, inspection location and specification requirements. The fixed price will according to the location of the factory.

Man-day means one inspector works a day (8 hours). How many man-day we need depend on the product complexity, and inspection sample size which need random inspection. So for exact quotation, we need to know the product, product quantity and factory location.


ACIS Inspection uses the recognized international quality control standards to conduct inspections. We refer to the most widely accepted sampling methods such as MIL-STD-105E, ABC-STD-105, ISO2859, DIN40.080, BS6001, NFK06-021/022.

Unless otherwise instructed, ACIS Inspection uses the Single Sampling Plan Normal Level II (according to the MIL-STD 105E standard). This is generally the common requirement for products manufactured in China.

The following AQL (Acceptable Quality Level ) are usually applied by ACIS Inspection unless otherwise instructed by the client:

High valued products Low valued products
Critical defects no critical defect is accepted no critical defect is accepted
Major defects AQL 1.5 AQL 2.5
Minor defects AQL 2.5 AQL 4.0